UBC and Spotify launch fund for artists during COVID-19 crisis

UBC and Spotify launch fund for artists during COVID-19 crisis

The pandemic of Covid-19 hit the music industry. With the exception of the lives of great stars, the ban on holding events has almost completely stopped the source of income for thousands of artists. The crisis also affects the collection of copyrights for public execution, which will fall by R $ 140 million in 3 months, according to the Ecad. Given this scenario, the Brazilian Union of Composers (UBC) it’s the Spotify launch the fund “Together for Music“, Which will pay artists who face financial difficulties. The fund was born with R $ 1 million, R $ 500 thousand from UBC and another R $ 500 thousand from Spotify, destined for thousands of artists affected by the quarantine.

To expand the reach of the benefits, the entities open the campaign for donations from civil society, through a crowdfunding platform: http://www.benfeitoria.com/juntospelamusica. So far, more than 140 artists have received the first installment of the aid, shortly after the fund was launched. And more than 800 have already signed up requesting access to the program, which will depend on donations from the public to reach more vulnerable artists.

The movement is part of the global project “Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief“. The company will match the donations collected via crowdfunding, in partnership with UBC, to serve the artists. In this case, Spotify agrees to match the donation in 1: 1. For each real donated by society, the company will donate the same amount, in addition to the initial contribution of R $ 500 thousand, up to the limit of its global aid program of the kind.

In a live held last Sunday, 26, the singer Diogo Nogueira invited its audience to collaborate with the campaign, using a QR code during the broadcast. The initiative gave an immediate result, with dozens of new members. And the sambista is in illustrious company. Alceu Valença is another sponsor of the campaign, the pernambucano will mobilize his fans in a live dedicated to “Together for Music“, On May 3, at 6 pm, on his channel on YouTube . Both recorded video in support of the action, for social networks, which also has participation from Ivete Sangalo, Caetano Veloso, Erasmo Carlos, Russian Passapusso, Paula Lima, Kell Smith, Romero Ferro and Celso Fonseca, among others.

I’ve been locked up at home for several days and I’ve been playing guitar like never before. I only remember playing so much when I lived in Paris, in the late 70s. So, the idea of ​​live is to share my impressions and memories as if the public were invited to sing and talk with me in the living room of my house. These are the songs I play when I’m with myself, the way I like to play. At the same time, they are songs that tell my story. It is a way to be close to people, to send a message of hope. I’m sure that we will overcome this moment very soon“, Says Alceu.

Check out the mobilization of the artists in the video “Together for Music“:

Marcelo Castello Branco, executive director of UBC talks about the movement of the entity and the importance of the collaboration of Spotify. “We live in a moment when the ‘collective’ word of our management imposes responsibility and solidarity on us. These are everyday values ​​for UBC. I would like to thank Spotify for their common concern, for helping authors, performers, musicians and producers, and inviting other companies that orbit the world of music, as well as individuals, to also mobilize. It is a vital aid in this unprecedented moment in our recent history“.

Mia Nygren, director general of Spotify for Latin America, points out. “Faced with this scenario, Spotify has engaged with partners from across the industry to discuss how we can support artists and the creative community who have been deeply affected. While streaming continues to play a key role in connecting creators with their fans, several other sources of revenue have been disrupted by this crisis. Combating the impact of this pandemic on the music industry will require a huge global effort, and this partnership with UBC allows us to work quickly to optimize these new resources for artists in Brazil“, Says the executive.

Aid to artists will be distributed in 4 monthly installments

The amounts have already started to be distributed to artists affiliated to UBC, which currently has more than 37 thousand members, equivalent to 57% of the copyright market in the country.

To claim one of the aids, the member must meet the following requirements:

Being affiliated to UBC for at least a year; Having already received a minimum of R $ 800 and a maximum of R $ 12 thousand from UBC in copyrights in 2019; To genuinely experience financial difficulties due to the losses caused by the new coronavirus. A UBC task force will review each request.

Individuals and individual microentrepreneurs can ask for help. The benefit, a humanitarian initiative and of limited duration, will be in the form of a monthly aid of R $ 400 to each recipient. There will be four monthly installments, and thousands of members of the entity can benefit from the action.

UBC points out that the aid is emergency and will last exclusively during the proposed four months. Artists can request assistance on the campaign website, there is a form, in which the aid applicant must provide personal data (such as full name and CPF) and answer a questionnaire justifying the need for assistance: http: //spotifyrelief.ubc. org.br.