Twitter brings special emojis to the second leg of League of Legends

Twitter brings special emojis to the second leg of League of Legends

To move the conversations of fans during the second stage of the 2019 Brazilian League of Legends Championship (@LoLegendsBR), starting on the day June 1st at 1 pm, The Twitter will feature emojis created especially for the league and teams in the game championship. To activate the images, just Tweet with the respective hashtags of each team until September 8th. Are they: #CBLoL, #GOINTZ, #GOFLA, #GORDP, #GOKBM, #GOOne, #GOPAIN, #GOCNB and #GOUP.

In addition to using fun emojis to engage in various conversations and cheer for your teams in the coming months, game fans on Twitter will be able to check out content related to the topic in one place. To bring conversations about the games together and make it easier for people to find and comment on what’s happening around #CBLoL, the contents are gathered in a special page, where it is possible to navigate between highlighted comments (relevant Tweets about the championship) and the most recent posts, updated in real time as they are published on the platform.

The second stage of #CBLoL 2019, organized by Riot Games Brasil (@RiotGamesBrazil), will define the classification for the world championship in Europe. The dot phase extends to August 10, the semifinals take place between 24 and 25 the same month, and the big winner will be revealed on the September 7.

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In 2018, the edition of League of Legends it was among the ten most talked about game events worldwide. In the same year, 1 billion Tweets about games were registered globally. The Brazilians were part of this conversation: the country was the seventh that tweeted the most about games during the last year. Japan was the country with the most Tweets on the subject, followed by the United States, United Kingdom, France, Korea and Spain.