Twilight gets a version from Edward’s point of view, book is already in pre-sale

Twilight gets a version from Edward

Twilight gets a version from Edward's point of view, book is already in pre-sale
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Stephenie Meyer brought the Twilight saga to life, one of the best-selling literary franchises of the early sixteenth century that also yielded five films that garnered huge box office sales and made the head of fans around the world between the years 2008 and 2012.

Now, the city of Forks can be revisited by the author’s newest book, Midnight Sun, which recounts the already known story, this time from the point of view of the character Edward Cullen, played in theaters by Robert Pattinson.

Check out the official Brazilian cover:

Twilight gets a version from Edward's point of view, book is already in pre-sale
Photo: Disclosure / Intrinsic

The intrinsic official website also includes the synopsis of the book:

One of the greatest editorial phenomena of recent times, the Twilight saga tells the iconic love story of Bella Swan, a shy and clumsy girl who has just moved to another city, and Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy who hides a terrifying secret: he is a vampire. Since the first exchange of looks, he did everything to stay away from her, but what if things didn’t happen exactly like that?

So far, readers have known this unforgettable plot only through Bella’s eyes. In the long-awaited midnight sun, we will witness the birth of this love by the look of Edward, plunging into a new, dark and surprising universe, full of revelations.

Meeting Bella was the most irritating and thought provoking thing in Edward’s years as a vampire. As we learn details about her past and the complexity of her thoughts, we can understand why Bella became the centerpiece of a decisive battle in her life. How could Edward follow his heart if it meant putting his lover in danger? What would he be able to give up?

In Midnight Sol, Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the Twilight universe and transports us once again to Forks, inviting us to revisit every detail of this story that has won millions of fans around the world. In the midst of a passion surrounded by supernatural dangers, we will discover how Edward faces his deepest pleasures and the devastating consequences of a forbidden and immortal love.

The work is already in pre-sale in physical volume (R $ 59.90) or e-book (R $ 39.90). Translated by Maria Silva, the book has 736 pages and, according to the technical description on Amazon, the physical edition weighs 1kg.

The launch will take place on August 4th, simultaneously in Brazil and the United States.

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