Turma da Mônica – Ties: film premieres with comic adaptation

Turma da Mônica – Ties: film premieres with comic adaptation

Daniel Rezende gained fame, and was even nominated for an Oscar, as editor of Cidade de Deus, by Fernando Meirelles, in 2002. In 2017, he directed Bingo – O Rei das Manhãs and it was during the process of this film that a light went on – a fan of Turma da Mônica, he decided it would be his next film. Thus was born Turma da Mônica – Ties, which debuts this Thursday (27).

Rezende was participating in CCXP when he heard Mauricio de Sousa himself announce that his creations – Mônica, Cebolinha, Magali, Cascão, etc. – would get a live action version, based on the graphic novel A Turma da Mônica – Laços. Rezende did not hesitate. He contacted the publisher, and asked, simply and directly, if they already had a director. Faced with the negative, he introduced himself and said, “Now, there is.”

Of course, it wasn’t that simple – but it was. There was discussion, negotiation, but a director with Rezende’s curriculum demands respect. Mauricio de Sousa always wanted to see his characters played by actors. Live action.

For Turma da Mônica – Laços, the question was whether the children would be able to cope with the emotions, the complexity of the figures that have been in the imagination of Brazilians for 60 years, spanning generations? There was a rigorous casting process. More than 7,500 children were tested until the chosen ones were reached.

Look alike?

Rezende did not select them because of their physical similarity, but because of their temperament. It uses a few striking elements – a prosthesis was provided to make your Monica denture, the makeup created that effect on Cebolinha’s hair.

When Mauricio de Sousa himself, introduced to the actors, approved them, Rezende relaxed. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to satisfy all the fans. I was guided by the creator. If the father had recognized his children, who would be against it? ”

Kevin Vechiatto, Cebolinha, was the only one with experience. “I worked hard to play the letlas,” he says, jokingly. And the hair? “It was weeks of testing with hairdressers, and then every day, it was at least 20 minutes of makeup just to make the hair look like that.”

And Giulia Benite, Monica? “My sister always wanted to be an actress, and I think that was what made me want to be, too. I was luckier than her. I was chosen to do Mônica, I am already committed to new projects. And my sister was not hurt by that. It has been very supportive. Her time will also come. ” About the character, he says – “Monica is me. That determination, the courage to launch myself, I know that behavior well. ”

Why Monica’s Gang?

The question that does not want to remain silent – for Daniel Rezende. Why Monica’s Gang?

“A little for the same reason I wanted to do Bingo. Brazil seems to be ashamed of its pop culture. Who doesn’t know Monica’s Gang? At least three generations have already grown up with her and her friends. ” Precisely, friendship.

Based on the graphic novel by Vitor and Lu Cafaggi, wouldn’t Rezende be seeking to restore ties? “It may even seem pretentious in a film that is so simple, familiar, with that, yes. I would like people, the public, to feel that caress. ” The film has a family plot and adventure, which involves the kidnapping of Cebolinha’s dog, which leads friends to come together to find out what happened to Floquinho.

In the previous film, Bingo sought a stage, either on TV or in his church, as a pastor. Cebolinha also seeks recognition, and in the end, look at the spoiler, it comes – as animation. “I didn’t think so, but it makes perfect sense, as you are saying,” adds the São Paulo director.

Rodrigo Santoro poses as Madman in a photo by Turma da Mônica: Ties; Look