Tuning | First impressions

 Tuning |  First impressions

At the beginning of the year, another national production from Netflix and it came with the seal KondZillafrom the producer Konrad Dantas, one of the biggest producers in the Brazilian music scene. Tuning it was heralded as the raw, naked periphery, and the first episode really gives us that, a credible and dream-filled periphery, trickery and music.

The series still has great names in its cast, such as Christian Malheiros, because of the indie feature Socrates, came bursting at awards, in addition to Mc Jottape (Jottape Carvalho), the funk star under KondZilla’s eyes, and the newcomer who manages to steal attention, Bruna Mascarenhas. But not only do they shine, because we have in the cast Vinícius de Oliveira (Central do Brasil, If God Come Armed, Santo Forte), Leilah Moreno (Antonia, Pico da Neblina) and many others.

Tuning has a very neat production, shows the periphery from within itself, with real locations and intense moments worthy of videos from WhatsApp groups, but also that they can surround any sensationalist news program, such as Urgent Brazil and General balance.

The script is intense, but leaves light moments, like the relationship between Doni (Carvalho) and his mother, who controls his moments with his father, who does not want his son involved with music. For these moments the series ends up making us feel seeing a season of Workout, but the series manages to have its own tone.

It brings the periphery and its funk dances in an interesting way, it puts street vendors in the spotlight with Rita (Mascarenhas), in addition to showing us the drama of a girl who needs to turn around to survive, since at no time do we see her family side. Her family are her friends, so much so that she runs out of ground when she realizes the disappearance of her friend and neighbor Cacau.

Now, the drama of Nando (Malheiros) ends up being the most intense, because wanting to get in the mouth where he helps to manage, he ends up putting himself on the front line of the crime, even though he tries to keep Sheila and her daughter away from their stops.

The series mixes well the drama of the three who above all are friends, and sometimes do not know the dramas that each one goes through. The most interesting part of this episode “They got Cacau”Is the way everything is presented to us and makes us want to devour the plot more and see the next episodes.

Tuning shows the Netflix label very well and having the KondZilla label shows a neat production of a origin and reality that the producer knows.

Tuning has 6 episodes and all are now available on Netflix.