Truck Driver is preparing for release on Nintendo Switch

Truck Driver is preparing for release on Nintendo Switch

THE SOEDESCO announced that the Truck Driver is coming both digitally and physically to the Nintendo Switch. The experience of driving trucks, well received by the public, was launched in Playstation 4 and in Xbox one last year and has since received several significant updates. The Nintendo Switch version will come with these improvements, in addition to specific features of Nintendoincluding tilt controls and support for HD Rumble.

THE Truck Driver offers a unique truck experience with a wide range of loads and interesting characters to work with. For the Nintendo Switch version, the Truck Driver supports individual grip and horizontal tilt controls. The game also receives support for HD Rumble, which allows for subtle and fast vibrations that enhance the gaming experience.

Since launching on PS4 and Xbox One in September last year, the Truck Driver received a new photo mode, rain effects on windshields, wipers and various updates that enhance the overall game experience. Currently, the Truck Driver is receiving an engine update Unity, which will result in smoother frame rates, fewer interruptions and an overall improvement in graphics with better tones and textures.

Further improving the game will remain a priority for SOEDESCO and Kokku, studio responsible for the development of Truck Driver. All updates will also be implemented in the Nintendo Switch version, which becomes a great addition for all trucker fans who would like to be a driver on the road.