Trolls 2 arrives on a new date in Brazil; animation premieres in April!

 Trolls 2 arrives on a new date in Brazil;  animation premieres in April!

THE Universal Pictures Brasil confirmed that the animation Trolls 2 arrives on the same date as in the USA, in April.

The film was released in American theaters after Universal Pictures changed the release date of the new 007.

Like this, Trolls World Tour that arrives in theaters with the national title of Trolls 2 debut on April 9th.

animation, Poppy – the leader of the trolls – discovers that there are other worlds, each with a different musical genre, among them, rock, funk, techno, classical and even backcountry. When an unexpected threat arises, she and her friends will have to unite all the trolls to save the world of music.

Directors David P. Smith and Walt Dohrn direct the film.

In the original we have voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson and Jamie Dornan.

The national version of the feature brings the voices of Hugo Bonemer (Trunk), Jullie (Poppy), Hugo Gloss (Guy Diamante) and the new arrival Simone Mendes (Delta D).

The plot will take place shortly after the events of the first film, where it’s all glitter and happiness in Troll Town until Queen Poppy and Branch discover shocking information: there are other troll worlds besides theirs, each with a different genre of music . So, when a threat arrives, the pair and their friends need to join together on a musical journey to bring harmony and save all these new kingdoms.

Trolls 2 arrives in April.

[Atualização] The feature was postponed on March 13 because of the coronavirus. A new date will be announced by the studio at a later date.