Toy Story 4 was already written before the premiere of the 3rd film

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It was recently revealed that Toy Story screenwriter Andrew Stanton was already working on the fourth film during the finalization of the third film in the franchise, released in 2010. At the time, Pixar was convinced that this would be the last film in the franchise, as nobody he knew that a script for a new film was already in development: Stanton did everything in secret.

Josh Cooley, director of Toy Story 4, and producer Jonas Rivera, comment: “Andrew Stanton, one of the writers, who wrote about all the Toy Story films, one of the Toy Story godparents, he really started the sketch for the number 4, while 3 was still ending, but he kept it a secret. We didn’t know, I’m speaking for all of us. “

Stanton’s argument is that there was still a story to be told about Woody. Rivera continues: “It started to lighten us up a little bit and slowly we started to crack and think, ‘What would happen if Woody did everything right, he survived everything, he fell on his feet with Bonnie?’” discussion was that the end of 3 is really the end of Andy’s story, but the Toy Story story is Woody’s … “

He also relates to the screenwriter’s personal life: “Now that I’m saying this, I’m realizing that Andrew’s kids had gone to college and moved out. So there’s definitely something about that there. Like, what do you do when you did everything right and your life is not over? You have to reinvent yourself. And that was kind of a nerve crack, how would Woody do that? That was interesting for us. “

The fourth Toy Story film arrived today (20) in Brazilian cinemas.

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