‘Toy Boy’: Will Netflix’s most-watched series have a second season?

‘Toy Boy’: Will Netflix’s most-watched series have a second season?

The new series from Netflix, the Spanish , arrived in late February on the platform and soon reached the top of popularity. The 13 episodes of the first season they have already been marathoned by thousands of Brazilians.

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Meet, the series prohibited for minors

Forbidden to minors under 18, it tells the story of Hugo (Jesús Mosquera), a stripper who, after years in prison, gains parole and tries to prove that his lover framed him for the murder of her husband.

In addition to Mosquera, the cast also features Cristina Castaño, José de La Torre and María Pedraza (Alison Parker in and Marina in), who plays the ambitious lawyer, Triana Marín.

will have second season?

The episode end of the first season of suggests that the story is not over yet. Thus, fans began to speculate whether there will be a second season of the series on Netflix.

Although no official statement has been released, Netflix is ​​known for revamping popular shows, such as.

The original production of the series is from the channel, the same responsible for the success that, it is worth remembering, has been renewed and already has 3 parts available and the fourth with its premiere on April 3.

If you win one second season, the new episodes will only be available in 2021, with the episodes having the same duration as the first season, that is, 1 hour on average.