Today’s Netflix Releases: What to Watch for the Weekend


THE weekend is coming, and nothing better than a good movie to fill the rest days. So check out the today’s releases on Netflix to watch in the next few days.

today's netflix releases

Today’s releases (7/10) on Netflix to watch

Thinking about the weekend, Netflix brought several releases. Today, July 10, 11 productions arrive at the giant ‘s catalog.

However, of these productions, five stand out as the most awaited by the public. So, see what they are here.

is a film starring Charlize Theron and that promises a lot of action. According to the portal, all the fight scenes were choreographed and produced by the team that worked with Keanu Reeves in . That way, viewers can expect well-crafted kicks and blows.

Synopsis: Four warriors with the gift of immortality have protected humanity for centuries. But her mysterious powers are the target of attack when another immortal enters the scene.

This film can be quite nostalgic for the Brazilians who watched TV Manchete in the 90s. Thus, the documentary brings to the screens the last two years of the life of the astrologer Walter Mercado, Puerto Rican who had some dubious telemarketing practices.

In addition, viewers will be able to better understand the personality of Mercado, which certainly marked many people.

Synopsis: Exuberant and sensitive, the legendary astrologer Walter Mercado disappeared at the height of his fame. This documentary explains what happened.

with Zac Efron

Needless to say that Zac Efron will always be remembered for being the “eye candy” of. However, in this documentary series, the actor travels the world and experiences the most unimaginable situations possible.

Therefore, the program promises to be fun and a great choice for those who want to relax. In addition, one of the scenes will show Troy Bolton’s interpreter discovering a community responsible for developing a method in which puns (or flatulences) are collected and generate electricity.

Synopsis: Actor Zac Efron runs the world with superfood guru Darin Olien in search of ways to live with health and sustainability.

Adaptation of, is a national series that will resume one of the most successful themes on the Netflix platform: blind dating.

Thus, it is expected that the program will be one of the new darlings of subscribers, captivating them with each episode. More than that, not only will love be, but also many shacks.

Synopsis: Six singles go to five blind dates in trendy São Paulo. Who will want to see each other again?

it is the last one that makes up this list, however, it is no less important than the others, no. In the miniseries inspired by a true story, the issue of refugees is on the agenda, being the main focus.

So, prepare the handkerchiefs – or the whole box of tissues anyway -, because the program has everything to be very exciting and, it seems, seems to be very conducive to tear some of your viewers’ tears. So, start the marathon.

Synopsis: Four completely different strangers end up in the same place: an immigration detention center in Australia.

All today’s releases on Netflix:

: Season 1 with Zac Efron: Season 1: Season 1: Season 1: Season 3

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