Today’s Lives 5/7 – Sunday: Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho and more


Today's Lives 07/07

of 07/05 (Sunday)

The fifth edition of Online Festival of Singers will bring to the public virtual shows of great women around the world. Names like Viktorija Pilatovic (Lithuania), Sofía Ribeiro (Portugal), Soema Montenegro (Argentina), Andrea Lacoste (Venezuela), DI (Mexico), Estefanía Manzano (Mexico), in addition to the Brazilian Julie Ramos, Kía Sajo and The Evicted perform at the online event that takes place all weekend long, between days 3, 4 and 5. You can follow the event through Facebook.

This Sunday there will also be “The Great Encounter“. Will bring together great names of Brazilian music in a live show: Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho and Geraldo Azevedo will perform together this Sunday from 4pm. You can follow the show through YouTube.

Sesc, on its turn, will promote with its online festival ‘Em Casa com o Sesc’, on 5/7, Sunday, a live online show with the duo Sapopemba. You can watch the live broadcast through Sesc São Paulo’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to these, other big name artists will perform this Sunday. Check out:

Other entertainment options are artists and foreign bands. The iconic band The Rolling Stones brings a new weekly project and broadcasts great historical shows already recorded on Sundays, starting at 4 pm, on YouTube.