Today’s Lives 05/23 – Saturday: Simone and Simaria, Liniker and more

lives today 23

lives today 23


Those made by Brazilian and international artists and bands to entertain the public during the quarantine – which aims to contain the dissemination of the new coronavirus recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) – have been very successful on the Internet, breaking audience records never recorded before.

The singer Gusttavo Lima was the first to beat a world record of simultaneous accesses with his YouTube “Boteco em Casa”, which reached more than 750 thousand concurrent accesses, surpassing the biggest registered mark of 458 thousand joint accesses, belonging to the singer Beyoncé.

However, the duo Jorge and Mateus in their “Na Garagem”, managed to reach the incredible mark of 3.1 million simultaneous viewers, breaking Gusttavo Lima’s record. Many, such as Luan Santana, Whindersson Nunes and Sandy & Junior, aim to collect donations to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Today, 05/23, several artists such as Simone and Simaria, Maiara and Maraisa, Liniker, among others, will perform live shows that promise to please the public. See all the bands and artists that will be broadcasting live through their YouTube or Instagram channels in today’s list:

Check out today, Saturday, 05/23

Imagina Samba – 3 pm on YouTubeClaudia Leitte – 4 pm on YouTubeGeraldinho Lins – 4 pm on YouTubeRick & Renner – 4 pm on YouTubeSimone e Simaria – 5:30 pm on YouTubeAlexandre Pires – 7:30 pm on YouTubeMaiara e Maraisa – 8 pm on YouTubeLimão com Mel – 8 pm on YouTubeLuan Estilizado, Rai Saia Rodada e Zezo – 8pm on YouTubeLiniker (Cultura em Casa) – 9:30 pm on YouTube