Today’s Lives 05/21 – Thursday: Rust, Manu Gavassi, Radiohead and more

lives today 21

lives today 21


THE Popload Festival Home Hour promises a good chat, music, drinks and many! The Brazilian festival, which had already started last Thursday, continues today (21) and has a live broadcast of Manu Gavassi and Letruxat 19h. You can watch it on YouTube from Popload.

Sesc, on its turn, will promote with its online festival ‘Em Casa com o Sesc’, on 05/21, a show of Nilze Carvalho, singer, songwriter, guitarist and cavaquinista, who brings samba to warm up our Thursday night. You will be able to watch the live broadcast through Sesc São Paulo’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

In addition to the derivatives of companies and festivals, other artists and bands will also make independent live streams through their channels on YouTube or Instagram. Mart’nália will talk to Celso Fonsecaat 4 pm on Instagram and the singer Jau will be performing online, at 8 pm, live through his YouTube channel.

The duo César Menotti and Fabiano it will appear live, at 8:30 pm, on its official YouTube channel, presenting “Só as Antigas”, to the delight of country fans.

The singer Rust will also do a live broadcast, at 8 pm, on YouTube, promising a show with the best of the pagoda. Ferrugem’s objective is to raise donations to help families affected by the coronavirus.

Another option to entertain are artists and foreign bands. The band Radiohead is broadcasting recorded shows every Thursday at 6pm. Today, 21/05, the band Red Hot Chili Peppers will also broadcast the 2006 Lollapalooza show, featuring John Frusciante on the guitar at 9 pm on your YouTube channel. Finally, jazz gringa singer Norah Jones has also embarked on the weekly wave, and makes a live broadcast every Thursday at 5 pm through her Facebook.