Today’s Lives 04/30 – Thursday: Pabllo Vittar, Chitãozinho and Xororó and more


Today's lives April 30

LIVES OF THE DAY 30/04 (Thursday)

The singer Pabllo Vittar will lead the Pride Festival, which will also include the participation of artists Pepita, Aretuza Lovi, Mateus Carrilho and Urias. The online show will raise donations for NGOs that support the LGBTQIA + movement.

The Pride Festival, which will feature the live of Pabllo Vittar, will take place today (4/30) at 9 pm through the artist’s own Instagram and her YouTube channel.

Another online event that will take place today will be the Devassa Tropical Festival Live, which promises to include several aspects of contemporary and classic MPB. The presentations will take place from April 30 to May 3, with more than 30 attractions to entertain the public during the weekend.

On Thursday, April 30, there will be two events derived from the Devassa Tropical Festival, the Radioca and Guiamum Treloso Rural festivals. You can watch the lives on YouTube from 5pm. Learn more on Instagram.

Radioca Festival – 5 pm

JosyaraMallu MagalhãesTeago OliveiraAnelis Assumpção + Curumin

Guiamum Treloso Rural Festival – 8pm

Mestre Anderson MiguelTagoreLia de Itamaracá and DJ DoloresSchevchenko and Elloco

In addition to the lives derived from festivals, other artists and bands such as Chitãozinho and Xororó, Gilberto Gil and Baian aSystem, Onze: 20, Calcinha Preta and Banda Eva will make independent live broadcasts through their YouTube channels.

Banda Eva – 17h (YouTube) Gilberto Gil and Baiana System – 18h (Youtube) Eleven: 20 – 19h (Youtube) Calcinha Preta – 19h (Youtube) Chitãozinho and Xororó – 20h (YouTube) Hamilton de Holanda at Festival BB Seguros de Blues e Jazz – 20h (Youtube) Matheus e Kauan – 21h (Youtube)

Another option to entertain are artists and foreign bands. Jazz singer Norah Jones has, through her Facebook, appeared live every week on Thursday at 5pm. The band Radiohead has also been broadcasting shows from their archive live from 6pm on their official YouTube channel.