Today’s Lives 03/05 – Sunday: Liniker, Rael, Alceu Valença and more

today 5/3

today 5/3

of 03/05 (Sunday)

Festival Villa Mix will feature on-line concerts by countrymen Gusttavo Lima, Matheus and Kauan, César Menotti and Fabiano and Leonardo. The event will be broadcast on Villa Mix’s Facebook and YouTube channels. The show schedule has not yet been released.

Another online event, which will take place today, will be the Devassa Tropical Festival Live, which included several strands of contemporary and classic MPB in his. The performances have been taking place since April 30th and end today, May 3rd, with more than 30 attractions to entertain the public during the weekend.

On Sunday, there will be two events derived from the Festival Devassa Tropical, namely the Sarará and Bananada festivals. You can watch them on YouTube, from 5pm. Learn more on Instagram.

Sarará Festival – 5 pm

Mariana CavanellasLuccas CarlosLuedji LunaRael

Bananada Festival – 8pm

Felipe CordeiroBoogarinsTulipa RuizLiniker and Os CaramelowsTropical Ball with Patrick Tor4

In addition to the derivatives of festivals, other artists and bands such as Capital Inicial and Lagum will make independent live streams through their YouTube channels. Those from Alceu Valença and Wanessa Camargo will raise donations to fight the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Another option to entertain are artists and foreign bands. THE Festival Love from Philly features names like Kurt Vile, Man Man, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Nick Bockrath (from Cage the Elephant), Eric Slick (from Dr. Dog) and more. The broadcast will be on the official website and runs from Friday to Sunday.