Today’s Live 01/05 – Friday: Flayslane, Pitty, Francisco El Hombre and more

today 5/1

today 5/1

of the day 01/05 (Friday)

The online event, which will continue today (May 1), will be the Devassa Tropical Festival Live, which promises to include several strands of contemporary and classic MPB in its. The performances have been taking place from April 30th to May 3rd, with more than 30 attractions to entertain the public during the weekend.

On Friday, there will be two events derived from the Devassa Tropical Festival, namely the Wehoo and Festival do Sol festivals. You can watch them on YouTube, starting at 5 pm. Learn more on Instagram.

Wehoo Festival – 5 pm

Flaira Ferro | BiarritzFrancisco El Hombre and LuêPittyMarcelo Falcão

Festival do Sol – 8pm

Pluto was once a planetLuísa and the AlchemistsPotyguara BardoHeavy Ball

In addition to the derivatives of festivals, other artists and bands, such as Leonardo and Eduardo Costa and Jota Quest, will make independent live streams through their YouTube channels. Check out:

Thaeme & Thiago – 14h (Youtube) Thiago Carvalho – 17h (Youtube) Jota Quest – 17h30 (Youtube) Leonardo e Eduardo Costa – 20h (Youtube) Lane & Mara – 20h (Youtube) Leo Santana, Harmonia do Samba and Banda Parangolé – 21h (Youtube)

Another option to entertain are artists and foreign bands. On May 1st, the band pink Floyd will show live shows, airing at 1 pm, through your Facebook. The band The 1975, will perform presenting songs from his first album and interacting with fans on Instagram.