TNT announces the cast of Tá Pago with Leandro Hassum

TNT announces the cast of Tá Pago with Leandro Hassum

From August 27 at 10:30 pm, Leandro Hassum makes his debut as a presenter at TNT. In your new program, Tá Pago with Leandro Hassum, he will be the host of a disputed table in a restaurant, ready to receive guests who – among great drinks, dishes and desserts – will tell new stories, subjects and different details of their lives and careers, always with the pleasant atmosphere of those conversations that happen always in the best place of the party.

Along with sports broadcasts, original series and major cinema hits, the program further reinforces the concept Superstation for TNT, with the most vibrant TV genres at exclusive attractions.

Do you have a reservation?

With each episode, the audience will see a different group of participants for this weekly meeting – which could, of course, be just a quiet dinner, until the restaurant staff comes on the scene: at the reception, the curious host Victor Meyniel will ask unusual questions instead of the usual reception, “Good night, do you have a reservation?“.

National or imported?

While waiting for their table, Hassum and the guests chat in the bar, the perfect place to “break the ice”. But, as nothing is normal here, the bartender Stephanie Marinkovic will not serve an ordinary cocktail – she will make a “ethyl reading”Of one of the group members. With some pertinent questions, others not so much, something unique will be served, the preparation of which will have a lot to say about the customers.

It is on the table!

Our host and his select group pass into the main hall, where the waitress, Giovana Fagundes, awaits them. She may, for example, feel very comfortable to pull up a chair and participate in conversations, while complementing or disturbing the host a little. Meanwhile, our wonderful chef, João Alcantara, prepares something to surprise the most demanding palates. The recipes will always be in full on TNT’s social networks.


The bathroom, that place where anything can happen: from unexpected appearances to comical conversations around Hassum’s embarrassment about strange situations with hand dryers, individual cabins and other people.


The hall will also have a stage, which will receive attractions of various types – musical numbers, stand-up numbers and, eventually, a final improvisation space by Hassum, inspired by the themes and revelations of the table.

Check please.

It won’t be necessary, “It’s Paid“! The guests will have participated in a meeting designed to make them feel at ease, with a few pinches of script, great doses of intelligence and humor and relaxation as the main course. The program will have 15 unpublished episodes in its first season, airing every Tuesday, with reruns over the weekend and on Mondays.