Titãs release first EP in new formation, learn more

Titãs release first EP in new formation, learn more

Since the departure of Paulo Miklos, in July 2016, Titans they had just released a rock opera that was not well received by critics.

In February 2019, the band rescued the idea of ​​their project Acoustic MTV, 1997, the best selling title of the band’s discography, and began the tour . With Tony Bellotto, on the semi-acoustic guitar, Branco Mello, on the double bass, and Sergio Brito, on the piano, the remaining members of the original lineup revived the versions of the MTV album and converted other hits to the acoustic format.

These versions could only be heard at the tour shows, but in August 2019, the trio released the song in a new acoustic format. Followed by the new version, also acoustic, of the band’s first hit, in March 2020. The tracks are included in the album’s first EP, released on April 3, 2020.

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The EP has eight hits from the band’s golden age, some already known in their acoustic versions:,. The other five tracks include the two previously released, along with, and.

The versions do not differ from the expected of acoustic versions. Calmer and closer to the ballads, the bands underwent minimal changes. The main riffs and solos are there keeping the soul of the hits, but with mainly the piano replacing the guitar lines with distortion of the original versions of some tracks, which is to be expected from the acoustic.

Leaving aside the stylistic redesign that the project requires for the songs, there are few new features and innovations. On the third track, there is a new guitar riff and the tempo is marked by finger clicks, something unprecedented in the Titãs’ repertoire. Another novelty is Tony Bellotto on vocals in, it is the first time that the member occupies this role, but the novelty loses the spotlight when it is noticed that the new version left the music monotonous.

This pattern is found in the entire album: monotonous. Something that didn’t happen in 1997, which kept the energy of songs as one of the heaviest tracks in the band’s repertoire. Comparing the two projects is impossible, after all, the proposal of the EP is, as the name indicates, a trio, and not a band accompanied by an orchestra as in the first project, but that does not justify the slump of listening to it.

The EP lacks more of the energy that the band, even with calm songs, used to pass through the songs. The Titans face their “fat Elvis” period.