They left in 2018: Franklin, Hawking, Kłosowski and others. Who died last year?

 They left in 2018: Franklin, Hawking, Kłosowski and others.  Who died last year?

In recent months, people have gone who have enrolled in a huge way for Polish and world culture – creators, musicians, actors, directors and writers. However, we didn’t really say goodbye to them forever, because the memory of them will continue through their work, which they created in life.

They left 2018 – Polish cinema

Roman Kłosowski

Famous film, television and theater actor. Former director of the Universal Theater in Łódź. Best known to viewers from the role of Maliniak in the series.

Agnieszka Kotulanka

Popular Polish actress, known primarily for the role of Krystyna Lubicz in the soap opera.

Leszek Gałysz

Polish animator, screenwriter and director. The creator was known primarily as the director of the series and animated productions such as and. Gałysz was the owner of J&P Film Graphic Studio and a co-owner of the Kuchnia Filmowa studio.

Antoni Krauze

Famous Polish director and screenwriter. Creator of the Black Thursday movie, among others. Janek Wiśniewski has fallen.

Wojciech Pokora

Legendary Polish actor. His creations could be seen, inter alia, in the series Alternatives 4 and in the movies and.

Wojciech Wójcik

Polish director, specializing in sensational productions. Creator of the cult series Ekstradycja and Sfora

Kazimiera Utrata

Polish actress known primarily for the role of Stanisława Dorobczuk-Bałucka in the series.

Piotr Szulkin

Polish director, screenwriter and teacher. Creator of, among others, movies and

Alina Janowska

Famous Polish actress. Known for roles in such productions as or.

Marek Frąckowiak

A popular Polish actor, known for his roles in many films and series such as or.

Janusz Kłosiński

Polish actor known from two iconic series, i.e.

Bronisław Opałko

Famous cabaret artist, creator of the character of Genowefa Quince.

They left 2018 – world cinema

Mark Salling

The actor is known primarily for the role of Noah Puck Puckerman in the popular series Glee.

Burt Reynolds

The legendary American actor, nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film Boogie Nights. Fame brought him creation in the series.

Dorothy Malone

American actress, Oscar winner in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role in the film.

Simon Shelton

British actor, known to viewers primarily for the role of Tinky Winky in the children’s series.

Hugh Wilson

American director and screenwriter, creator of, among others, the iconic one.

Reg E. Cathey

Famous American television and film actor. He appeared in such iconic productions as The Mask, Se7en and House of Cards. He won the Emmy Award for his creation in the latter.

David Ogden Stiers

American actor known for such productions as Star Trek or The Next Generation.

Michael Anderson

British film director. Production creator.

Verne Troyer

American character actor, whose viewers can know primarily from the series of films about Austin Powers.

Milos Forman

Legendary film director. Winner of two Oscar statuettes in the Best Direction category for productions One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Amadeus.

Isao Takahata

Famous Japanese director. Co-creator of the Ghibli Studio. Director of the already iconic Hotaru no haka animation.

John Mahoney

British actor, best known for the role of Martin Marty Crane in the series.

Ermanno Olmi

Italian director. Winner, among others, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival for the film.

Stanley Anderson

Famous American actor. His creations could be seen in the films The Pelican Brief, Red Dragon and Spider-Man.

Tab Hunter

A well-known American actor and singer. Hollywood star for years. 50 with roles in such films as and.

Scott Wilson

A popular American film and television actor recently known for his role in the cult television series The Walking Dead

John Hillerman

American actor. Winner of the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for his role in the series.

Derrick O’Connor

An actor of Irish origin who began his career at the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Scottish National Theater. The most famous films with his participation include Lethal Weapon 2 (where he played Pieter ‘Adolph’ Vorstedt) and End of Days (where he played Thomas Aquinas).

Peter Firmin

TV producer and creator of well-known and liked programs for children – the most popular of them was a series made in stop motion technique.

Neil Simon

Screenwriter and theater playwright, called the King of Broadway. The productions he co-created from small and large screens are The Odd Couple,,, or Murder by Death.

Lewis Gilbert

A filmmaker who gained fame by directing three shows from the James Bond series, You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Gilbert was also nominated for an Oscar for directing the 1966 film.

Emma Chambers

British theater, television and film actress who played primarily in comedy productions. To this day, she is associated primarily with the role of Honey in the romantic comedy Notting Hill

They are gone 2018 – writers, comics creators and scientists

Stephen Hawking

The legendary physicist, whose work we will find references in many iconic film and television productions such as The Big Bang Theory. Based on his biography, the movie The Theory of Everything was created.

Jack Ketchum

American horror novel writer. His achievements include titles such as or.

Ursula K. Le Guin

Famous author of science fiction and fantasy books, including popular cycles and.

Philip Roth

Famous American writer. Author of a well-known novel.

Steve Ditko

Legendary comic book creator. He created cult figures of the Marvel universe like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Harlan Ellison

American science fiction writer, whose most famous book are. Author of scripts for such series as and

Carlos Ezquerra

Famous cartoonist. Co-creator of Judge Dredd.

Szarlota Pawel

Polish comic artist, known primarily from the series about the adventures of Jonek, Joncia and Kleks.

They left 2018 – musicians

Olga Kora Sipowicz

The legendary singer of the band Maanam, who launched hits such as or.

Tomasz Stańko

A famous jazz trumpeter, winner of, among others, the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Rebirth of Poland for outstanding creative merits.

Aretha Franklin

A legendary song called the Queen of Souls. Winner of 18 Grammy Awards. Launched such iconic hits as or

Robert Brylewski

Icon of rock music in Poland. The singer associated with such bands as the Brigade Crisis, Army and Israel.

Dolores O’Riordan

Singer of the well-known band The Cranberries, which launched a great hit

Johann Johannsson

Famous author of film music. His compositions can be heard in productions such as Arrival or Sicario.

Jaroslaw Kozidrak

Famous musician. Co-founder of the Bajm group, brother of Beata Kozidrak.

Charles Aznavour

French song icon. Author of many hits, including Que C’est Triste Venise.