Therapy Session Recordings to Begin in January

Therapy Session Recordings to Begin in January

Recordings of Therapy sessionexclusive series Globoplay produced in partnership with GNT and with the Moonshot Pictures, start next week in São Paulo.

Completely redesigned, the new Therapy session has Selton Mello as protagonist, who also acts as director, and Morena Baccarin (Homeland, Gotham and Deadpool), as the therapist’s supervisor. The production, with 35 episodes, will reach the platform of streaming of Grupo Globo in 2019.

This time, the story takes place in Caio’s office (Selton) and, through the troubled relationship with psychoanalyst Sofia (Morena), her supervisor, and her four patients, reveals her dark side, an intelligent, solar and seductive man that hides a recent family tragedy.

The cast will also feature actors from TV and theater: Fabiula Nascimento (Second sun) lives comedian Chiara Ferraz; Cecília Homem de Mello (Vade Retro) is retired Haidée Ortiz; David Junior (Time does not stop) plays the executive Nando Batista; and Livia Silva (Tide Nostrum) is the teenager Guilhermina Nowak. The season will bring special appearances as Zécarlos Machado, Nathalia Timberg, Carolina Borelli, Thaia Perez, Fania Espinosa, Thaís Morello, Belize Pombal, Bruna Chiaradia and David Wendefilm.

Based on the Israeli series BeTipul, Therapy session debuted in 2012 at GNT. The fourth season, the first in a partnership between Globoplay and GNT, joins the catalog of the streaming in the second half of 2019. The first three seasons of production will also be available exclusively on the platform.