Therapy session arrives at Globoplay with Morena Baccarin and Selton Mello

Therapy session arrives at Globoplay with Morena Baccarin and Selton Mello

THE Globoplay, the largest Brazilian streaming platform, will have exclusivity for the fourth season of Therapy session, produced in partnership with GNT and with the Moonshot Pictures. The series, scheduled for 2019, will feature 35 episodes and will bring news in its cast. The actress Morena Baccarin, famous for acting in international productions as Homeland, will join the cast of this season alongside Selton Mello, who in addition to directing the series will play the protagonist Caio.

Set in a psychoanalysis practice, the fiction series will accompany the professional and personal day of the therapist Caio (Selton Mello), and each episode of the plot will be marked by the story of one of his patients. This season, Caio will have Sofia as the new therapist, who will be played by Morena Baccarin. Zécarlos Machado Theo, protagonist of the series during the previous three seasons, will return to live in a special participation.

Based in the USA since the age of seven, this will be the first time that actress Morena Baccarin will work in a national production. The cast will also feature the actresses Fabíula Nascimento and Cecília Homem de Mello. The first season of Therapy session debuted in 2012 on GNT, based on the Israeli series BeTipul. The fourth season, Globoplay and GNT’s first partnership, will be shown in linear in 2020.

Therapy session premieres in 2019 exclusively at Globoplay and comes to expand the catalog, which already has several exclusive titles, such as Killing Eve, Harassment and Iron Island. Soon, new exclusive content arrives on the platform, in addition to more successful series and national and international films for subscribers to watch at any time.