Theo is born, son of model Biah Rodrigues and singer Sorocaba: See photos

Theo is born, son of Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues

Theo, the singer’s eldest son Sorocaba and the model Biah Rodrigues was born yesterday (18) and his photos brought joy to the internet. The little one already has an Instagram just for him, with about 87 thousand followers, and his arrival was a reason for joy for everyone who followed the pregnancy.

Theo is born, son of Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues

Theo is born, son of Sorocaba and Biah Rodrigues

Theo’s first photos were shared on Instagram by the parents, Biah Rodrigues and Sorocaba. The couple took up dating in November 2018, a year and a half ago, and generated controversy due to the age difference: the singer, 39, is 16 years older than Biah Rodrigues, who is only 23.

Today I was able to live the greatest experience of my life, the arrival of my son, coming from a beautiful and natural birth.

The singer also praised his wife for her courage at the time of delivery, characterizing the moment as “Magician”. Check out the first photos of Theo released by Sorocaba:

Little Theo’s mother, Biah Rodrigues, released another photo on her social network. In it, the birth had just been carried out and it is possible to observe the first time that the mother holds her child in her arms.

A very realistic photo and full of emotions! First, I want to thank God for the strength, today I discovered a new woman in me!
And without you I wouldn’t be able to, Thank you my love for not leaving me just a minute. Then I’ll come back here to tell you everything, I’m enjoying this moment with them both