Thelma wins BBB 20 with 44.1% of the vote and earns R $ 1.5 million

thelma champion

The participant, Thelma Assis, 35, is the winner of the edition of Big Brother Brazil 2020. After 3 months in the most watched house in the country, she takes the prize of R $ 1.5 million. In the final against Rafa Kalimann and Manu Gavassi, the doctor was crowned champion with 44.1% of the votes and had the support of many personalities in Brazil.

thelma champion

Thelma wins the BBB20

It was all against Thelma and she knows how to play like that, that’s how she shines, that’s how she samba in the face of society. What a brave woman. Such a historic season could not end without a historic victory. The BBB 20 can only be yours, it has to be yours, Thelma ”

the presenter Tiago Leifert announced with emotion.

Thelminha was underestimated during the program, being questioned for her style of play. In an interview with Globoplay, shortly after being eliminated, the brother, Victor Hugo, stated that the doctor was a “plant” inside the house, did not talk about anything. He was also the protagonist of a big fight with Manu Gavassi.

Asked by the interviewer, Ana Clara, about what he would say to Thelma, he said “Give up, you have no chance (laughs). The feeling is that she is just waiting for her time ”.

Thelma’s trajectory

A black and poor woman who became a doctor, Thelma Assis, overcame all barriers and went against everything to get where she arrived and win this edition of 2020.

Raised in the neighborhood of Limão (north zone of São Paulo) only by her adoptive mother, Thelma took a course for three years after graduating from high school until she managed to pass at PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) of Sorocaba, where she studied with a full scholarship.

“Everything in Thelma’s life was achieved thanks to scholarships, [foi assim] even in the ballet company where she graduated and danced for eight years ”

tells the photographer Denis Santos, 35, husband of Thelma

During the period in which she dedicated herself to medical school, Thelminha lived in a pension and struggled to pay the bills, even delivering pamphlets on the street. In a video that shows her routine before entering reality, she says she is proud of who she is, but stresses that nothing was easy. “I feel very empowered. Everything I have I got with a lot of effort and a lot of struggle ”, he says.