The X-Files: why Fox Mulder ‘disappeared’ after season 7

The X-Files: why Fox Mulder ‘disappeared’ after season 7

David Duchovny became known to the public for playing the agent Fox Mulder, one of the protagonists of the famous TV series The X-Files. Anyone who is a longtime fan of the attraction knows that the character “disappeared” in the eighth and ninth seasons and there is a reason which explains the absence of the agent.

As much as he shared the protagonism with colleague Dana Scully, Fox Mulder was the most important character in many episodes of The X-Files. However, the character lost the prominence it had from the eighth season, where he appeared in only half of the chapters , and also in the ninth, in which its only appearance was restricted to the then final episode of the attraction (15 years after the end, it was revived for two more seasons).

One of the reasons that explain David Duchovny’s “departure” from the series is that he tried to venture into the world of films, taking advantage of the success he achieved with the X-Files. However, we know that it didn’t work out very well.

What few know is that there was a second factor at stake. Duchovny, before the start of the seventh season, sued Fox, the series ‘producer, on the grounds that he did not receive royalties on account of the series’ re-displays.

Needless to say, it affected Duchovny’s relationship with Chris Carter, creator and executive producer of The X-Files. In the end, the actor received $ 20 million from the lawsuit.

In interviews at the same time, Duchovny also stated that from a creative point of view, he noticed that there was not much to do for Mulder and that the character’s story, in his opinion, was already complete.

Anyway, the actor agreed to appear in the eighth season, but because of these problems, he became a mere supporting character of the series in which he was the protagonist.

Despite all these problems, Duchovny still agreed to appear again in the last two seasons of The X-Files, shown between 2016 and 2018.