The world according to Helena Rubinstein

The world according to Helena Rubinstein

Let’s leave Helena in Australia for now; it still has a long way to go to the top. Let’s focus on the one who described her fate. Michele Fitoussi, author of the book “Helena Rubinstein. A woman who invented beauty “does not hide her fascination with the heroine. A quick glance at the long list of sources is enough to convince you that we are dealing with a publication based on solid foundations. Interestingly, Helena herself liked to build her legend. To this end, she regularly took away her years and added noble origin. As the author rightly writes: “reality is a thousand times more interesting than what it embellishes with such a passion”.

It is hard to keep up with Helena Rubinstein, but Fitoussi easily keeps up with her. She describes the main character with the same commitment, as well as the times and places where she lived. We are witnessing the birth of women’s self-awareness, which gave rise to a boom in the cosmetics industry. In the meantime, there will be two world wars and an economic crisis in the United States. We get to know the natural environment of Helena, i.e. Melbourne, London, Paris and New York. For her Polish readers, her hometown, Kazimierz, will also be important. In addition, Helena constantly surrounds herself with well-known personalities from the world of art, show business and the cosmetics industry. Anecdotes about them are an integral part of the book. One thing I can accuse the author of is the fact that she devoted too much attention to the descriptions of interior design in residences or HR institutes. In the long run, such treatments are unfortunately tedious.

And what is Helena herself? It definitely resembles an explosive mixture – it fascinates, irritates, entertains, arouses admiration and respect. “Her personality, like all very talented people, has many faces. It can be capricious, impulsive, imperious, but also cunning, full of humor and generous. ” And with age, he never ceases to amaze – even as an old woman, he doesn’t allow himself moments of rest or vacation. There could be no question of retirement.

This biography is a nod to Helena Rubinstein. The author, like her heroine, showed perfectionism in creating her work. This stylish, elegant edition of the book alone suits a woman who loves beauty perfectly. Numerous photos are also a very successful idea – we all know the name or logo of the HR brand, but not necessarily the face of the person behind them. It comes to my mind that it is a complete biography and extremely addictive. On the Polish market, it is no use to look for another such comprehensive and reliable publication about Helena Rubinstein.

Anna Aniszczenko

Quotes for: “Helena Rubinstein. A woman who invented beauty ”, ed. Muza, 2012