The Witcher: creator talks about how it was to develop Yennefer

The Witcher: creator talks about how it was to develop Yennefer

The Witcher: creator talks about how it was to develop Yennefer
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

In a recent interview with the Pure Fandom portal, the creator of The Witcher series, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, spoke openly about her process of creating complex female characters, a highly praised feature of the Original Netflix production.

“When I first showed The Witcher on Netflix, I talked about how important it was for me to explore the women in the series in the same detailed and layered way as men – a high tide raises all boats, you know? Strong characters generate characters stronger stories generate better stories generate a more expansive universe. “

Hissrich also highlights how it was to develop Yennefer beyond books. She says:

“Specifically, I wanted to meet Yennefer as a young girl, to see the circumstances and experiences that made her the hard, private and independent witch that we know and love in the books. The author, Andrzej Sapkowski, had planted small moments, flashbacks, thoughts in the books , glimpses into Yennefer’s younger life – but as a reader, what I wondered about was why Yen tried to kill himself in Aretuza, or how she had struggled with the idea of ​​total physical transformation. These were the most important scenes for me and for other writers: the scenes of why and how. “

She continues:

“So we spent days in the writers’ room debating how Yennefer felt about” looking pretty “- her conflict over the decision to change her appearance, her knowledge that it could influence her power and position, her apparent certainty about what she would have to do and lose, and her unexpected realization that she had a strong backbone all the time. We dug the void left in Yennefer by her abusive family and wondered if she and her mentor Tissaia de Vries could grow and change in painful ways and good to eventually become a family with each other. And we discussed how Yennefer met Istredd, years before the story of “Shard of Ice” – specifically, what she needed from him and what he gave her, and how that love again and again again it could complicate your strength. natural with Geralt. I love those layers that we took from books and then exposed. “

However, not everything could be used in production. Hissrich concludes:

“There were also a lot of scenes that had to be cut from the final episodes – that’s the curse of television. We had a lovely scene in episode 103, where Yennefer, Fringilla and Sabrina discussed how they felt about their transformations and, looking back, I would like that we could have maintained. It was such a beautiful example of female friendship, and it would also have served as a punishment for Fringilla a little more before she joined Nilfgaard. We also shot a scene in which Yen met a young Triss, who had just arrived in Aretuza, it served to show how far Yennefer had come in her years in Aretuza, and created a sense of orientation between these two witches, looking to the future in some stories unfolding in the second season, I wish we still had those scenes! But I am proud of what we have accomplished in the time we have had. “

Meanwhile, fans will have to wait a little longer to continue watching Yennefer’s development: production will only return for its second season in 2021.

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