‘The Willoughby Brothers’: A critique of Netflix’s colors and acidity

‘The Willoughby Brothers’: A critique of Netflix’s colors and acidity

In addition to being an excellent series producer, Netflix lately, it shows itself as a great producer of animations. Breaking paradigms created by large industry, such as Disney and the Pixar, the giant brings to its animations a new face for children’s products.

Willoughby Brothers netflix movie

Known for animations like and, whose plots are always very well evaluated, the new animation produced by the platform follows this history.

they have a fun story, with a good plot line, charged with an acid humor, which remains stable throughout the film, and which, in no time, goes beyond the aspect of children’s drawing.

The plot tells the story of four brothers who, throughout their lives, were despised and, in a way, abandoned by their parents. For these reasons, they decide to become orphans so that they can contemplate a life free and without rules.

For this, the four think of a crazy plan, which has vacations in several dangerous places around the world. With the absence of their parents, they find themselves in the care of a nanny who, throughout the plot, shows herself to be a caring and almost maternal figure for her siblings.

With the union of a 3D production and, the animation has a colorful and fun appearance, which shows its real objective: to entertain children with aspects of the image, leaving acidity for the elderly.

The story develops very well with the scenario created, always giving a playful air to the unfortunate events that occur with the four brothers. However, the animation maintains a very fast pace, which does not allow the real deepening in the events of the story or even in the construction of the main characters. At the end of the film, you know and understand the reasons for the characters, as much as you did in the first few seconds of the animation.

While the rhythm does not help in the construction of the story, the humor used by the voiceovers of the characters, made by Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski, Terry Crews and Ricky Gervais, is what keeps us interested in history, besides, of course, the misfortunes experienced by the protagonists. The dubbing in Portuguese also maintains the humorous tone that was used by the original dubbing.

it is full of funny and aesthetically attractive characters, which hold us up to the last seconds of the film. Certainly, even with an accelerated and vague plot, the new Netflix animation it’s a plate full of entertainment and fun.

The film has a screenplay written by Kris Pearn, Lois Lowry, Mark Stanleigh, Priscilla Parizeau and is directed by Kris Pearn. The animation lasts an hour and a half and is already available on the platform.