‘The Well’: Netflix’s most viewed thriller, see why watch

‘The Well’: Netflix’s most viewed thriller, see why watch

The new psychological thriller of Netflix, () arrived on Friday (20) on the platform, and has already surpassed titles like , , and . The film is really a success.

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is a film by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, which mixes suspense, drama and terror. Addressing sensitive and current issues, such as social inequality and hunger, the feature film is the most viewed movie on Netflix.

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Synopsis Of O Poço on Netflix:

In a prison where inmates on the upper floors eat better than those below, a man decides to do something to change that.

Important message in the film

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In the film, a vertical platform descends once a day, with enough food for prisoners of all levels.

However, while there are those prisoners who want to ration their food, there are also those who eat everything out of control. Thus, when the platform reaches the lowest levels, the food left over resembles garbage.

It is possible to draw a parallel between and the time of Quarantine, imposed by the new coronavirus, in which we live.

Many people have been thinking about the next, not leaving home, and even offering to shop for people who are in the risk group of Covid-19. Unfortunately, meanwhile, selfish people take to the streets and go to supermarkets, buying more food than they need.

, gives Netflix, brings very important lessons to our day. It is worth watching with this reflection in mind.