The title of the new version of Deadpool 2 has been revealed and it’s amazing

The title of the new version of Deadpool 2 has been revealed and it's amazing

Last month’s rumors were wrong: the title of the new edition of Deadpool 2 will not be “The Deadpool Before Christimas”, as a BBC journalist found, but Once Upon a Deadpool.

If you are still lost, it was recently reported that Deadpool 2 will return to theaters in December for a Christmas broadcast and free for younger audiences, according to rating 13. The title, now official, plays with fairy tales, which is extremely appropriate , targeting the new target audience of the plot.

But it makes even more sense when the new framing of the film, presented as a parody to The Promised Princess (1987). In addition to being a fairy tale, the film is in the form of storytelling, read to a young boy played by Fred Savage. Savage, now an adult, will hear yet another story, now told by Ryan Reynolds.

The title of the new version of Deadpool 2 has been revealed and it's amazing

In addition to the replay of cuts from the first version, which premiered in May, this new edition of the film will also feature unpublished scenes, continuing the events already known. If incentive is lacking, there is still a campaign, publicized by Ryan Reynolds: “As is the donation season, for each ticket sold we will donate US $ 1 to Fuck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer only for this limited time and campaign.”

The idea of ​​making a lighter film, for smaller audiences, has been at the head of FOX for some time, since 2006 and it just didn’t happen before because Ryan Reynolds happily didn’t agree. His reason for giving up so far is noble: “First, some of the profits had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition needed some explanation …”

In another statement, Savage, with a gag, says that his participation in the film was “anything but voluntary”, but that he is happy to be able to help Fuge Cancer with this “shameless money”.

Remember the trailer for the original film:

The new version of the film should hit theaters in December. No exact date confirmed yet, read more about Deadpool 2 on our website for more information.