The Surge 2 arrives in September

The Surge 2 arrives in September

The release date of The Surge 2 showed up at Microsoft Store. The game sequence hits the physical and virtual shelves on September 24th. For those who pre-order the game they will guarantee the URBN Gear Pack which includes special weapons, a complete armor and a URBN drone.

On the way to Jericho, his plane is shot down by a mysterious storm and crashes on the outskirts of the city. On the ground you are faced with a Martial Law in force in the city, robots going crazy and a black nano-storm that expands on the horizon, closer and closer.

To survive, explore the large and devastated city of Jericho. Face fierce threats in brutal and relentless combat, cutting and tearing limbs from enemies to steal equipment and thus guarantee your superiority in combat, thus becoming strong enough to face the most fearsome opponents that roam the city. With an expanded arsenal of weapons, armor, skills, implants and drones to create your character, as well as a larger and more varied world, The Surge 2 challenges you to survive and uncover hidden secrets.

The Surge 2 arrives on September 24 to Playstation 4, Xbox one and PRAÇA.