The Secret Garden will get remake

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The Secret Garden is a classic novel by Frances Hogson Burnett, published in 1911 and adapted for theaters in 1993 by Warner Bros. Now, it has just been announced that the plot will receive a remake, this time by Global Road Entertainment, and will feature a script by Jack Thorne and direction by Marc Munden.

Colin Firth and Julie Walters are confirmed in the main cast, but the production still has no definite release date. Remember the old version with the trailer below:


In the early 20th century, Mary Lennox (Kate Maberly) lived in India with her parents, who did not pay much attention to her. However, a burst of elephants kills them and, six months later, Mary disembarks in Liverpool, England, to live with Lord Archibald Craven (John Lynch), her uncle, at the Misselthwaite mansion, a building made of stone, wood and metal in which there are secrets and old wounds. Mary was frightened in that manor with several dozen rooms and was incredibly spoiled, as she disliked the idea of ​​putting on her clothes, since in India this was the task of her maids. The mansion is run by Mrs. Medlock (Maggie Smith), a strict and cold housekeeper. Lord Craven lost his wife ten years ago and was never able to overcome the tragedy. To make matters worse Colin Craven (Heydon Prowse), his son, also under extreme apathy, always retreated to his room. Once again neglected, Mary begins to explore the property and discovers an abandoned garden. Enthusiastic about the discovery, Mary decides to restore the place with the help of the son of one of the house servants, thus winning the attention of her sick cousin. Together they defy the rules of the house and the old garden becomes a magical place, full of flowers, surprises and joy. The secret garden is a fantastic place where there is no sadness and regret, a place where the strength of friendship can bring back the beauty of life.

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