The robot got a role in the movie. Will star in a Hollywood production

 The robot got a role in the movie.  Will star in a Hollywood production

Source: Life Productions Inc.

Scientists have long warned us that sooner or later machines will take over many professions performed by people. There is a fairly widespread belief that the least qualified workers in mechanical, repetitive professions will suffer first. But as it turns out, also representatives of the creative industry can be supplanted by artificial intelligence.

Eric Hollywood reporters reported that Eric’s robot will play the main role in the film financed by Bondit Capital Media. The duo of Japanese engineers Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa is responsible for constructing the machine, who will be responsible for breathing life into this unusual member of the film crew.

Actors engage personal life experiences into their roles. But Erica has no life experiences. It was created from scratch to play in movies. We had to simulate her movements and emotions in direct sessions, including speed of movement, way of expressing emotions and body language – said producer b, Sam Khoze.

The original plans assumed that Erica would debut on the big screen in the film by Tony Kaye, unfortunately the creators of the robot could not get along with the film crew about the production schedule. Erica has already played several scenes for the needs, but the team needs to make a few more nuts with her participation, which will take place in 2021. It is not yet announced when the film will debut in the official distribution. According to preliminary assumptions, production will cost 70 million dollars.