The Powerpuff Girls: Beatles movie inspired creation of the villain He

The Powerpuff Girls: Beatles movie inspired creation of the villain He

The Powerpuff Girls became one of the most popular cartoons on the Cartoon Network and featured 6 seasons, originally shown between the years 1998 and 2005. One of the most well-known and frightening villains in animation was a demon known only to Him. What few fans The attraction they know is that the enemy of Florzinha, Lindinha e Docinho was based on a character from the Beatles animated film. Understand below:

The drawing made it clear that the villain was called Him because his name would be too scary to be pronounced and had a very strange look: it looked like a mix of a demon with a drag queen and a crab. In addition, his voice could go from a sweet and luscious tone to a hellish scream in the blink of an eye and had an effeminate manner, which generated some controversy.

He also had the habit of wearing a dress and high boots, and it was because of his clothes that fans found out who inspired his eccentric look and style.

Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls, was asked by a fan about why He dressed like that. The animator then revealed that it was based on the visual of the Leader of the Blue Maldosos, the enemies of the Yellow Submarine animation, starring the Beatles in 1968.

. @ momus_querela HIM was him because of Him.

– Craig McCracken (@CrackMcCraigen) June 11, 2015

Even the personality of the Leader of the Blue Maldosos probably served as inspiration for Him, since the villain of Yellow Submarine also had the habit of suddenly changing his subtle voice to a demonic one.

Check out a comparison in the videos below. Attention: the first is in English.

Anyone who remembers The Powerpuff Girls well must have noticed that Craig McCracken seems to be a card-carrying fan of the Beatles. In addition to this inspiration in the creation of Ele, there is an episode of the third season in which the villain himself forms a group, along with Mad Monkey, Fuzzy Confusion and Princess MaisGrana, which is full of references to the most famous rock group in history.

The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr himself even voiced an animation special.