The Politician | First impressions

 The Politician |  First impressions

Much is expected of a new series of Ryan Murphy…. further being one of the producer’s first projects for the Netflix, which made production much more awaited…. so, the first information came … and the rumors said that we would have a series about a politician who could also be a musical … Then the list of cast with names to make jealous for any production in Hollywood started to come out.

AND The Politician, which arrives on Netflix on the 27th, is nothing more than that, a series with the brand Ryan Murphy, with a crazy plot, with sharp texts and dialogues, surrounded by references to pop culture and criticisms – some subtle and more direct – for what is happening in the world.

Ben Platt in The Politician (2019)The Politician | First impressions

And the great merit of The Politician, perhaps, it really is Murphy’s talent and eye for betting on new actors. Ben Platt, after great success in the theater, debuts as a protagonist in the production and is completely at ease and hilariously very well here, as Payton Hobart a young man who wants to be President of the USA, but first needs to win the student body elections, enter a prestigious American college, and see his dream come true.

Platt it seems to be the mixtures of several characters created by Murphy. Your Payton is a Rachel Berry in Glee, mixed as a Channel Oberlin in Scream Queens, ambitious, obsessed with winning, and extremely perfectionist, where in The Politician actor delivers it all brilliantly and in a thorough and extremely convincing way.

Ben Platt and Zoey Deutch come to Brazil to promote The Politician, new series by Ryan Murphy, for Netflix!

So in The Politician, Ryan Murphy returns to the universe of high school, and makes a great glimpse of everything that has already worked in other productions, and does not waste time, to release, via the mouth of the characters, comments and social criticisms to the world of politics through elections for the student body of Saint Sebastian school.

And with that, Murphy creates a great web of lies, betrayals, and schemes that must make things talk. The Politician makes a true, authentic and addictive series Ryan Murphy. Grand and luxurious, The Politician unites a political plot non-sense in the best style of Veep, with dramas, and costumes by gossip Girl, or if we talk about a series inside the house, the Spanish Elite, making production the right plate for the next awards season.

Zoey Deutch, Ben Platt, and Kyle Eastman in The Politician (2019)The Politician | First impressions

At least in the first episodes we see that the plot that The Politician will appear to be bigger and more complex than the promotional material showed us.

First images released of The Politician, the first series of Ryan Murphy, from Netflix!

With a first wave of 8 episodes, The Politician it must be guaranteed in the small twists, and of course, in the list of celebrities that Murphy promises for the series. We will have, throughout the first year, names like Gwyneth Paltrow (like wealth Georgina Hobart, protagonist’s mother) and Jessica Lange (like the trambiqueira Dusty Jackson) that has smaller roles, but completely fundamental to the unfolding of the plot.

Other well-known names, some of Murphy’s usual partners over the years, are Bette Midler, Dylan McDermott, Judith Light among others that promise to be a good decoy for production. But the highlights should be with Platt, who steals the show in the first minutes, and his castmates, the actresses Zoey Deutch like the debilitated Infinity Jackson – where we see the actress migrating from productions teen for a more adult plot – and yet Lucy Boynton, which comes from the mega hit Bohemian Rhapsody, such as the ambitious Astrid.

The trio should move the first year of the series with the dispute for the high school elections that promise to bring the best and the worst of their students, where The Politician it also promises to deliver an acidic and captivating view of high school and the stuff that haunts the world of politics, and that left us wanting to watch the first year at once.

Your next obsession with Netflix … we promise!

The Politician debut day September 27.