The OA: Adriana Bombom returns to seek series forgotten at the barbecue

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In 2020, Adriana Bombom forgot her daughters at a barbecue and the news became a meme among Brazilians, used today, nine years later, and never made so much sense: after launching The OA on December 16, 2016, Netflix only came to give updates on the series recently, after being asked a lot about forgetting the production at the barbecue.

To promote the long-awaited second season of the series, the streaming platform invited Adriana Bombom herself to relive her moment of returning to the barbecue in search of something, but this time not for her daughters, but for the new episodes of the production, in a fun video made especially for the Brazilian audience. Check it out below:

“Who never left the barbecue forgetting something behind? Adriana Bombom answered his call and went to get the season that everyone is waiting for”, says the caption of the comic video.

In the series, Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) was blind and disappeared during childhood. Seven years later, she reappears and with perfect vision. Now, his parents and the FBI want to find out the reason for his whereabouts, but Prairie refuses to comment.

The new season that opens on March 22, only on Netflix.

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