The most terrible horrors of the 21st century –

The most terrible horrors of the 21st century -

A good horror movie must have a clever script, great direction, impressive graphics and a good atmosphere. Above all, however, it has to fulfill its role as a horror movie. Generating fear, anxiety and terror in a viewer who has seen almost everything is not a simple matter. Do you agree that the following images are the most terrible horrors of the 21st century?


This year’s horror movie hit surprised everyone. It was supposed to be an ordinary horror film about haunting, and it came out … well, it is difficult to interpret this fascinating plot clearly. One thing is certain – While watching, we should carefully read between the lines, because the plot is full of symbolisms and references. Under the guise of a horror movie lies the story of pain, death and misunderstanding in the family.


I allow myself a little privacy here. I was in the movie yesterday and I’m still delighted. This is surprising because I do not like slashers. from 2018, however, charmed me with both the climate and skillfully arranged species cliches. In this film, everything works as it should, and the screening does not get bored for even a second. That’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen!


Apparently everything is schematic and template here, but for some reasons it stands out from the background of modern horror movies. This is certainly due to the figure of a demon who, unlike other horror movies, appears to us in all its glory at a relatively early stage of the story. The creators skillfully play the disturbing physiognomy of the antagonist, so that the viewer long after the screening is unable to get rid of his image from the head.

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski tried his hand as a director in genre cinema and hit the jackpot. The strength of Quiet Places is an unusual convention in which the slightest whisper of heroes can summon dangerous beasts that can tear them to shreds. The film is so quiet that during cinema screenings, viewers cutting out popcorn feel enormous discomfort, disrupting the atmosphere in the room by crunching popcorn.

The mist

One of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s prose. Claustrophobic atmosphere and evil hidden in the fog. The film not only frightens monsters from other dimensions. The social layer plays a big role here. The heroes are trapped in a supermarket and outside events are driving some of them crazy. How will the group behave in the face of great danger? The film also has a memorable ending, colored with the wonderful music of Dead can dance. The last minutes of the Fog simply can’t be forgotten.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Hollywood has completely exploited such a grateful subject for horror movies as demon haunting. Subsequent paintings of this type were not worth a pound of lint, but fortunately there were also pearls. e is a perverse movie because it focuses on the trial of a priest accused of causing the death of a young girl. There are many interesting dialogues in production, but also a lot of horror lined with disturbing climate.

The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan is an artist who has in his filmography and great kits, and spectacular failures. Kameralna is an obvious gem in his work. Young siblings come to their grandparents, whom they did not know before. The elderly seem a bit strange and even disturbing. Soon terrible things happen and the kids have to fight for their lives. The rest is horror poetry.

The Conjuring

A film that skillfully ushered in a new universe in the world of horror. Again – there is nothing innovative and revealing here, but for some reason everything works as it should. It is enough to skillfully arrange the genre blocks, so that the whole takes on an expression that is lacking in hundreds of similar horrors.


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