The Morning Show | First impressions

 The Morning Show |  First impressions

The Morning Show came as the flagship of the launch of the Apple TV +, and not least, the main trio of the cast are well-known, disputed, and thus expensive names in Hollywood. Here, we have actors like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, movie stars who have been focusing their attention on TV recently, and in a television era that small screen productions are competing as equals with cinema, and this meeting alone is noteworthy.

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell in The Morning Show (2019)The Morning Show | First Impressions – Photo: AppleTv +

And so, The Morning Show it had everything to be a huge success, right? More or less. The idea of ​​showing behind the scenes of a newscast is not new, but the way that the writers of the series found to tell this ends up being much more focused on the complex interactions between their characters, on the alliances that need to be made, and of course on the pulls of carpet.

Here, the series also relies on the #MeToo movement to tell its story, where The Morning Show delivers first intense episodes, in a mix of The Newsroom with House Of Cards and that looks at the world of American TV, and the morning news.

And at least in the first episodes (1 × 01 – In the deep and dark night of the soul it is always 3h3 in the morning, 1 × 02- A place at the table, and 1 × 03 – Chaos is the new drug) end up sounding a little too cartoonish and actors who play completely stereotyped figures. The Morning Show, right in its first minutes, it introduces us to the white, heterosexual middle-aged executive, the oldest presenter who hits on the assistants, the reporter of a smaller radio station in the countryside full of dreams and nobler motivations about journalism.

Of course, the production of The Morning Show tried to surround himself with talented names in Hollywood that pop up in the first minutes of the series, but even so, the long first episode, the series has a feeling of being trapped in its development, in its text, in the creation of dialogues, and especially in monologues that come out of the mouth of Aniston (in a wonderful return to the series world!) and Witherspoon who transforms and leaves his phase Madeline in Big Little Lies back.

Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show (2019)The Morning Show | First Impressions – Photo: AppleTv +

The idea of The Morning Show, maybe it is to show the backstage of American TV in a real, brutal way and with a touch of irony, after all, the production itself manages to make a fierce criticism for the traditional model of TV, being a production that is launched in a new service streaming, from a company outside the entertainment business. And this, for The Morning Show, it manages to be a double-edged sword, after all, at the same time that it criticizes it also does not seem to develop the theme in the same depth that it attacks.

So, the plot develops when we see the presenter Mitch (Steve Carell, well) be removed from the morning program that he presented for 15 years alongside Alex (Aniston) on charges of harassment. When he suffers the consequences that the event brings to his personal and professional life, Alex sees in the opportunity a unique moment to assert himself and mark territory with the channel executives led by the new head of the journalism department Cory (Billy Crudup). Like this, The Morning Show at the same time, she presents us, in parallel, to a reporter Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon) achieve fame on social media due to controversial statements made during the coverage of a protest.

In the long first episode (1 hour and 3 minutes) we see these stories happen in isolation, where The Morning Show it only gains breath when it puts its protagonists to share in scenes, where, at last, we understand the reason for them to be together in this project, for the ability to be able to add a certain extra layer for these characters that are weakly presented by the script.

In the end, the first episodes are just a great introduction to what lies ahead, and perhaps there is a lack of appeal to keep the viewer interested, after all it looks like a great 1h50 movie. The Morning Show deals with the question of how the public will trust the truth of the news, when the people who give it cannot be trusted.

As much as it delivers ups and downs, The Morning Show ends up being thought provoking in his proposal, leaves us wanting to see more of this story, and it seems that he will lead his chess game, little by little, holding on to the big names that circulate the project, where we expect the fight between the Lady (Witherspoon), and the Queen (Aniston), when they march against the King (Crudup), in a battle that promises and left us curious to see how it will unfold over the rest of the season.

The Morning Show has its first episodes released on AppleTv +.