The Mayans and the End: End of the World scheduled for June 21, 2020

The Mayans and the End: End of the World scheduled for June 21, 2020

Once again the world was moved with news that the end was near. According to Paolo Tagaloguim, the end of the world, marked by one of the Maia calendars, would be on the June 21 of this year. The result of his calculations had been published on his Twitter account and used in the British tabloid report.

The supposed scientist Paolo Tagaloguim tweeted about an error in the calculation that predicted the apocalypse on December 21, 2012. In the original post, he had all the description of how he had arrived at the result that the end would be closer than expected .

As used in your calculation, when the transition from the Julian to Gregorian calendar was made, there was a loss of 11 days a year, until now. So, aligning the calendars, we would have lost about 8 years. In other words, today, we would be in 2012 on the Julian calendar and the date on the long account calendar, it would be this year.

The end of the world and the Mayans

However, this information cannot be confirmed, so much so that just a few hours after publishing the report, he took it down, due to lack of certain information.

Even the scientist’s background is doubtful, if you search for his name on Google you won’t find anything to prove his history as a researcher. There is also the fact that we only lost 11 days in the first year of the transition, after that, the timekeeping systems were aligned, in other words, we are only 11 days ahead of the Julian calendar.

In addition to everything that has already been mentioned, there is the fact that the Mayans did not believe in a linear system of time, in which one day everything begins and the other ends, for them there were cycles. Just as, for the oldest pre-Columbian civilization, time is a great machine of great gears and tactical cycles, they also have a wide variety of calendars that inform about the different cycles of humanity.

The best known is the Long Account Calendar, commonly called the Mayan Calendar, it tells the story of all mankind since 3114 BC and when it ended, it did not necessarily mean that the world would end, but that that cycle started a long time ago .

Mayan Calendar