The Map of Brazilian Literature

The Map of Brazilian Literature

It is true that there is a certain linearity in the study of Brazilian literature. First, students are taught about Quinhentism and from there it is followed by Baroque, Arcadism, Romanticism and its phases, Realism / Naturalism, Parnasianism, Symbolism, pre-Modernism, Modernism and its phases; until reaching the contemporary stage …

Brazilian literature

The characteristics of these periods have been extensively studied for a long time and give a very well-founded conception of what was going on in the history of the country, the nation and the kingdom in its moments.

Therefore, literature, in general, serves as a strong document for the consolidation of a historization. It contributes to the construction of rich descriptions of everyday life, hyperbole, nuances and stereotypes of the times.


Gilberto Freyre, for example, who sought to build the idea of ​​national identity, portrayed the daily life of the people. Both in the book and in, his object was to create a day-to-day account of all classes of society and, thus, seek to understand how this forms “being Brazilian”. So far, the idea of ​​the passage of time is paramount to the understanding of this literature.

However, the purpose of this essay is not to reflect on this. Still recognizing the importance of time, I want to emphasize the supremacy of the place. According to the scholar David Harvey, the globalization process caused a “compression of space by time”, that is, spaces were shortened and time became relative. These transformations, according to him, happened because of the advent of new technologies, like the one I use now and that you use to read.


Some theorists of the globalization process – such as Thomas Friedman and Theodore Levitt – like the idea that spaces are no longer important and that borders will gradually fall. Other connoisseurs of the subject, on the other hand, defend the exact opposite: it is in space that time is alive. Or rather, as much as there are advantages with the advent of new times, inequalities are greater than ever and are experienced in spaces.

The place, like time, is a pillar. Next to the clock, there is the wall on which it hangs. This is the primary relationship of literature: writers, in their times, in their regionalisms. To reinforce once and for all as the medium in which writers are influenced and influence places, it is necessary to visualize.

Salvador Dali

I created a map which not only lives up to the considerations above, but also seeks to be didactic and tries to add to everyone’s literary knowledge. The objective is to show important authors from each Brazilian state and a brief history, both of life and work. Many well-known names appear, but with biographical news; others, however, may never have heard of it and are of enormous excellence in the texts.

Finally, the idea is to provide and promote more literature. That’s what we need more and more each day: art. Have a good time.