The Mafia of Tigers | Review

 The Mafia of Tigers |  Review

Netflix’s new documentary miniseries debuted at the end of March, in full quarantine, and really became the users’ new obsession because of its insane, surreal, and incredibly crazy history. In the original, The Mafia of Tigers has the title of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, in free translation, of Tiger King, Murder, Chaos, and Madness and that is the very definition of what to expect as we embark on the eccentric story of America’s exotic animal breeders.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (2020)The Mafia of Tigers | Criticism | Photo: Netflix

The Mafia of Tigers it has ferocious tigers, polyamorous relationships both heterosexual and homosexual, and suspicions of murders that make the documentary a reality show as absurd as possible, with characters taken from a fictional film that are so unusual that they present themselves.

With 7 episodes, The Mafia of Tigers takes a close look at this peculiar community of millions of dollars’ worth of wild animal lovers, and toasts us with its conflicts, its alliances, and its stories of both success and failure.

The Netflix documentary series embarks on a spiral of madness, money, drugs and lawsuits that literally puts the viewer in the mouth of the ferocious lion by presenting these figures dazzled by fame, attention, and the amount of money involved. The Mafia of Tigers mainly focuses on the great rivalry between country singer and media personality Joe Exotic, and his main opponent, the activist Carole Baksin, where both represent two sides with very strong opinions regarding the treatment of wild animals, but in the end, they end up being flour from the same bag. He runs a zoo in the state of Oklahoma, she is already a well-known animal rights activist, but she also owns a so-called big cat refuge.

The Mafia of Tigers talks about people’s adoration of animals considered wild like lions, tigers, and panthers, and this idea that they can live domesticated, along with humans on a daily basis. The first episodes of The Mafia of Tigers they begin to show the fascination of these people with the feeling of adventure, danger and the feeling of power that animals give them when they are in their company. And of course, the movement in social networks that animals provoke, isn’t it? But the desire to have such an animal close by, even if for a photo, it only passes quickly when watching the documentary.

With statements from the main figures involved, the production of The Mafia of Tigers can create a hysterical linear story about the events that led to Joe Exotic to be arrested on suspicion of ordering the murder of Carole Baksin, and shows the disagreements that led them to reach this crucial point in their relationship. We have hours and hours of testimonies from both sides, where the production points out the facts in a way that all information is presented, and for which the viewer understands the complex context that this group of people lives. And the two sides end up having their peculiarities, Joe Exotic is like a more affected Donald Trump, with an addiction to drugs and weapons, and Carole Baksin so to speak tries to convey an impression of Hilary Clinton if politics were animal lovers , where the President of Big Cat Rescue also has her skeletons hidden, mainly because she is the number one suspect in the disappearance of her ex-husband, and The Tigers Mafia capitalizes on this rivalry between the two, just as it was in the 2016 American elections. .

In The Mafia of Tigers it is like entering the lion’s cage, and embarking on a journey over a world of great egos, blows in which the madness of one seems to attract the madness of others. Through the testimonies of the countless figures ranging from the accused themselves, even the secondary figures such as the employees of Joe Exotic’s zoo, the husbands he has accumulated over the years (will be John Finlay finally got your teeth fixed ?, and even the producer of your show. Like this, The Mafia of Tigers creates a map of how the illegal selling market works, and the community of animal lovers in the USA, shows everything in a very detailed way, and with details that will leave the viewer with his hair standing up due to the amount of unusual situations and which borders on madness and insanity.

Carole Baskin in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (2020)The Mafia of Tigers | Criticism | Photo: Netflix

The Mafia of Tigers it also talks about the cult that the millions of followers of these people have, and the fascination that they as public figures exert on them. Throughout the episodes we see that the animals end up in the background, when everyone involved begins to fight each other in countless legal processes, and several accusations that ultimately bring them all down.

The documentary also shows the reality of thousands of workers in the interior of the USA, who are nicknamed red neck (stereotype of the typical white man from the interior, of humble origin, super traditionalist and conservative, and with a low income), comments on the precariousness that many live in the poverty line and that end up being stuck in these jobs.

In the end, the story of Joe Exotic delivers a mix of reality show in style Keeping Up with the Kardashians but with more humble people, with the worst of sensational television, and that delivers an addictive and brutal story about these peculiar, charismatic figures, at the same time completely disconnected from reality. The Mafia of Tigers it brings together intense stories about how surreal the human mind can be when dealing with its wants and addictions.

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