The Knights of the Zodiac | Season 2 review

 The Knights of the Zodiac |  Season 2 review

Nothing beats the strength of our childhood. Nostalgia has been on the rise for some years and proof of that are the countless remakes and reboots that has been filling pop culture. Lack of originality or the need to rescue something lost? The second season of Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac reached Netflix flooded with criticism from internet experts. Most people haven’t seen it, but they guarantee that the series is a “trash”- a term that is widely used and that in my opinion hurts not only a work, but also those who worked hard and worked hard to make it happen. But leaving the current trend aside, let’s focus on what matters? The story!

Unlike the first part, the new crop of episodes came full of action with villains coming out from all over to fight our beloved bronze knights. The arch of the Silver Knights was adapted almost entirely based on the manga (except for some changes that may be annoying, but do not interfere with the progress of the story). However, what really bothered him was Seiya’s crass protagonism, which occupies a large part of the narrative of the six current episodes. He practically beats most of the Silver Knights without much effort, however, this is explained within the script and a new theory – even debated before the animation even existed – returns to the fore: it would be the Knight of Pegasus who was elected as the main defender of Athena?

Again the writers showed that they did their homework and threw references in the face of the viewer. It has tributes to the classic manga (main source of production), the film The Legend of the Shrine, Next Dimension and a few hints of classic anime. The photograph is kept the same as the first part (this was to be expected, considering that they were made together and to compose a unique season).

The good points go to the way the team managed to tie this second bow. Unlike part 1, here we see a more fluid story and without big bellies. Everything is fast, practical and without time to roll. What also drew attention was the role of Saori. Before portrayed as an apathetic goddess, here she shows more attitude and takes the situation in hand, showing that the writers really took seriously adapting the work of Massami Kurumada with greater participation of female characters.

Do we have any negative points? For sure! The location is confusing and often a character is in a waterfall and in the next scene walking through the streets of a city where we don’t know where it is. While Saori was explored in an interesting way, the same cannot be said about Shina. The Cobra Amazon has no reason to exist in this universe and the beliefs and determinations themselves change without concrete explanations. She changes sides as if playing hopscotch. We also have to emphasize the lack of protagonism of the bronze boys. With the exception of Seiya, none stand out. Not even the Shiryu bow seems to matter so much, minimizing the consequences of fighting Argol.

However, even with several negative points, part 2 of this remake / reboot is impressive. It is remarkably superior to another batch of chapters and manages to hold the audience in the chair episode after episode. A 3rd season, which should arrive in the second half, has already been confirmed in an unofficial way, adapting the beginning of the 12 Houses Saga. With the public’s criticism, now the production can really evaluate what did not work and fix specific errors that took many people’s sleep.

In general, the new series of The Knights of the Zodiac it is fun, enjoyable to watch and will certainly please those with an open mind to understand that the story goes on a completely different plane from the classic series. Anyone who gives it a chance is charismatic characters and an exciting story that mixes what you know with the unknown. However, for those who do not want to attend, that’s fine too. The classic is on Netflix and you can keep up with the 116 episodes.

The important thing is to have fun!