The Knights of the Zodiac | Season 1 review

 The Knights of the Zodiac |  Season 1 review

“Everything will make sense in the end.”

The speech, spoken by Marin de Águia in the second episode of Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac, new series from Netflix and that an audacious rereading of the work of Massami Kurumada, never made so much sense.

With part of the first season available in the streaming giant’s catalog since Friday, The Knights of the Zodiac (in good old Portuguese) took a ride on several elements of the series over the years and made a “great fruit salad”: there are scenes of the classic, manga script, narrative of The Knights of the Zodiac: Next Dimension, visual of The Legend of the Shrine, elements of The Knights of the Zodiac: Omega and so on … The result is a hurried mid-season, but cohesive in what it presents itself to show.

In the first six chapters – the next will be made available sometime in the second half of 2019, we see Seiya – always him – learning the concepts of the cosmos, struggling to find his sister and discovering a larger world he dreamed of. With the basic concepts of the original plot, however, in a different guise to talk to the post-2000s youth, Saint Seiya (for the intimate) has gone through several changes, but has not lost its essence: the focus on friendship.

At the end of the episodes what is clear is that Eugene Son, screenwriter of this new version, did an exquisite research work, elaborating a new adventure without leaving aside essential characteristics and easter eggs for the most attentive: who did not notice that Seiya is wearing the same pajamas as when he fought against Aiolia at the beginning of Saga of the Shrine? Or that the villain Vander Graad is the face of Jango – Ikki’s mortal enemy on the Island of the Queen of Death? Or the Swan shoulder pads, which came directly from Omega? It is details like this that make this new production, developed by Toei Animation, has its merit: even though it is made for an audience that no, and you, still hugs you and says: “Calm down, I know you’re angry and we want to give you these references as a gift“.

Shun woman? It really bothered me at first. The knight of Andromeda was loved by everyone and brought a certain representativeness, however, we cannot forget that he was the result of an era. In the mid-1980s, as well as today, androgeny was super popular in Japan and characters with such a description stirred up the female audience. No wonder that Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac he is recognized in the east by his handsome young man, with large and voluminous locks. Modifying Shun had the same representation that they did with Miro, in The Knights of the Zodiac: Legends of the Sanctuary – however, this time, they used a character who was also a minority. It proves that the idea would not be to transform all the androgynous characters in the series, so much so that we see Misty with all her personality in the final seconds of this series of episodes.

Well, needless to say, I liked the new series. I managed to watch the chapters with a completely open view (and look, I’m from the era of fans of Headline, and I am proud to say that I saw the first episode of The Knights of the Zodiac be broadcast in Brazil, in Children’s Club). It is as if it were an alternative reality, created by Chronos, where history was repeated, in a different way.

We have Seiya and his cosmos, the disappearance of Seika, Mitsumasa Kido having more function, including that of showing a new villain, the Vander Graad, the most restrained Intergalactic Tournament, with the right to a talking manhole, besides significant changes in the black knights and its construction. Some may have found it strange even the absence of Shina and Shun’s masks, after all, we have Marin keeping his secret …

The fact is that Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac it will not end their childhood, it will not destroy the classic anime (which is unchanged and selling well out there) and it will not cause them to abandon the original story. It is a new force, just as it happened with several other proposals in the world of Saint Seiya. Cheer against? Never. As fans, we need to demand quality, yes, but always support works from this vast universe, because otherwise, The Knights of the Zodiac they will become that distant star and, in time, your star will fade.

Saint Seiya: The Knights of the Zodiac has its first 6 episodes already available on Netflix.