The King: Eternal Monarch came to an end on Netflix

The King: Eternal Monarch came to an end on Netflix

The King: Eternal Monarch came to an end on Netflix
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

South Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch arrived in Brazil under the title of The Eternal King and simultaneous release subtitled by Netflix. The last episode of the single season aired this Friday, June 12, and is already missing fans.

The title was the latest fruit of the partnership between Netflix and Studio Dragon, one of South Korea’s leading drama and film studios.

The global streaming platform also has a partnership with tvN, which has already offered the broadcast of other popular dramas such as Landing in Love (Crash Landing on You) and Hospital Playlist.

The Eternal King it marked the return of actor Lee Minho to Korean television after his two years of military work, which is mandatory for men in the country. Success is also due to the meeting with Kim Goeun, already known star of the drama Goblin, which is signed by the same screenwriter from The King: Eternal Monarch, Kim Eunseok, and yielded some parallels between the works.

Check out the trailer:

The plot follows the story of Lee Gon, the emperor of the Kingdom of Korea who had to take the throne in his childhood, when his father died in a blow given by his uncle. The doors to the parallel world have been opened, and it is up to Lee Gon to end the mystery and close them so that the two worlds have peace again. Meanwhile, you will meet the fearless and passionate detective Jung Taeeul.

Complete in 18 episodes, The King: Eternal Monarch is now available for marathons on the streaming platform.

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