‘The Killer of Valhalla’: Why watch the Netflix series

‘The Killer of Valhalla’: Why watch the Netflix series

The new Icelandic series, , has aroused great interest on the part of Netflix.

Whether for being more of a suspense series or for its content, attractive to lovers of investigative programs, it has had an increasingly notorious audience on the platform.

Therefore, we have separated some reasons to watch the new success of the platform.

watch the valhalla killer on netflix

6 reasons to watch the series

6 ° Captivates the viewer

The show captivates its viewer every moment. If it is not for a huge suspense, it is for some surprising revelation.

In this sense, the program impels the public to unravel each mystery and leaves that taste of “I want more” at the end of each episode.

5 ° It is synthetic

Although the story is full of ties and endless knots, the series addresses some situations in a very succinct way.

Thus, he discards several parallel plots from the characters themselves in order not to turn the show into a big mess. So don’t expect the series to be an entire chapter covering a topic that won’t be important to the main storyline.

4th Worthy of a marathon

Just as it is concise in its chapters, it is a very short series, containing only 8 episodes – which last, on average, 45 minutes each.

Given this, amid the quarantine suggested to contain the new coronavirus, the Icelandic plot is a great request to get rid of the boredom very often.

3 ° It is a differentiated work

It is wrong to think that only the spoken language is the differential of this new success of the platform. More than that, it portrays a lot of Icelandic culture.

Not only through the action of the local police in the face of the series of murders, but also on the personal relations between society. Showing that coldness is part of both the scenery and the coexistence.

However, this is by no means a bad feature. But rather, a clear expression of Nordic culture and its differences with Western culture, especially Brazilian.

2 ° Out of the Hollywood standard

If you are looking for endless bloody battles, heroic soundtracks or shots all over the place, this production is not for you.

The series tends to be more monotonous and the focus is more on the word. Small details also stand out in the story and the attention in each episode is mandatory to unravel the great mysteries.

1 ° Features a surprising ending

Just like big current Netflix phenomena, like and , O shocks viewers, especially with its ending.

The last minutes of the final episode surprise fans, since they don’t know exactly how the plot ends. Open bonds can make room for a new season.

It is not yet known whether will have a second season, but while there is no confirmation from the platform, we can only enjoy the first part.

Check out the trailer for Netflix’s new hit: