‘The Killer of Valhalla’: Understand the end of the Icelandic series

‘The Killer of Valhalla’: Understand the end of the Icelandic series

The firsts of Netflix have increasingly shocked their viewers, whether for surprising endings or for disturbing content. In that sense, it is no exception.

Given that, see why the series has aroused the interest of viewers and understand the end of Icelandic success.

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Synopsis of

In its plot, it brings Arnar (Björn Thors), a police officer who lives in Norway and has a difficult past with his family, and Kata (Nina Dogg Filippusdottir), a senior local police officer, who together seek to capture Iceland’s first serial killer.

As the story unfolds, police officers face their personal problems and extreme situations, such as extreme cold and the mysteries that have pervaded the Valhalla case for more than 30 years, and their relationship to recent murders.

In addition, they are forced to face the various deaths in the city, the panic of the citizens and the clashes between the policy of the Icelandic police itself.

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Understand the end of the show

This story contains spoilers from the series

The turnaround at the end is surprising, especially when it turns out that the Valhalla boarding school was nothing like one thought, but rather, a terrifying place where children were abused by employees and even raped.

More than that, the involvement of Mágnus, a reference in the Icelandic police, with the “disappearance” of one of the boys at the boarding school shocks everyone.

The end of the plot is very confusing, pointing out questions about what really happens to the serial killer, the state attorney, Pétur.

It is understood that Netflix leaves the end open, since it evaluates the audience of its programs for the execution or not of a new season.

So, in this case, the left ends make a lot of sense, in case there is a second season. After all, viewers do not know if Pétur is really dead, since his body has not yet been found.

Will the Valhalla Killer have a second season?

It is not yet known if there will be the second season of, since a Netflix series depends on the audience to win a new sequel – as already mentioned.

However, the series paves the way for a continuation. And, if you stay with the notoriety you have been gaining, you can, yes, have a new season.