The indie pop of paraense singer Leonardo Pratagy

The indie pop of paraense singer Leonardo Pratagy

Leonardo Pratagy

The relationship of Leonardo Pratagy with music he started early, at 10 years old, encouraged by his mother, who put him in music school and started playing the cello. But it was in his teens that he decided to switch repairs to rock and, with his school friends, formed the band Zeromou. When it was time to take the entrance exam, it was no different, she took music at UFPA, passed and completed the course. In the meantime, the band broke up and he launched his ‘Pratagy’ project in which he composes, sings and produces.

His discography has 1 EP, (2018), and 3 albums – (2016), (2017) and the most recent, (2019). In contrast to the last two works, it has a “footprint” more in the 80s, with the use of synthesizers, while the most recent one has a great influence of funk, electronic house and R&B.

“These references are the result of my CBT. I was researching about musical collage and the question of the sample, it took me to these rhythms ”, says the artist. Singers like Solange, Mc Bruninho and Robyn were some references for this album.

talks a lot about encounters and mismatches, when they are simple and fit together. But also the complications when they are not so easy and the dialogues do not coincide. In addition to the process of finding yourself in the meantime.

As he says in Best Friends: “Come, I’m tired of making this love so difficult […] You are a sea of ​​mirrors in which I cannot swim / Reflects the best and the worst of me ”. And, in, “I like us both but there is still a lot I want to do”.

Amid so much encounter and disagreement, Leonardo Pratagy discovered himself in music.

I don’t know if there is a duty, a meaning in life for everyone. But if there is anything close to that, mine, for now, is making music.

And he confessed that one of the challenges is to overcome his own work. He says that, unlike when you are going to release something new, over time, freedom is more limited to not produce the same thing previously done. In the beginning, there are more possibilities for not having launched anything yet.

Accustomed to producing his compositions at home since the time of his old band, the last album was different. As it was selected in the Natura Musical Notice, the recording took place in the studio.

This experience was good because when you are producing at home it is more lonely. In the studio, there is an exchange with other people, this is something that I am charging myself to keep.

Says Leonardo

The year 2020 would already be a year of recollection, after the release of the last album in October 2019, and the conclusion of the course. It was time to think about the next steps. “I produce, sometimes, when I can produce, but I’m not pushing myself to create a lot. I’m more in an introspective moment, and it’s been good ”, he reports.

What doesn’t Pratagy get from repeat? Paraense ‘s nominations are The Strokes’ new album, The New Abnormal, and the new by Letrux,.