The Incredibles 2: what will be the power of the new villain?

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This morning was revealed the first full trailer for The Incredibles 2, the most anticipated sequel in the animation universe since the release of its first film 14 years ago. In this last video we were finally introduced to the film’s villain: The Hypnotist!

As its name suggests, its main skill is focused on hypnotism and, according to CinemaBlend analysis, the trailer may have given us some details about it: In the last seconds of the trailer, the villain interrupts a broadcast to supposedly announce his plan – typical of any animated film of heroes – or just putting it into practice: Guys in suits are seen, like security guards, acting strangely, as if they are looking at nothing while Elastic Woman protects her eyes to, I repeat supposedly not being hypnotized like the guards.

Everything becomes clearer when analyzing his name in English, “Screenslaver”, which can be literally translated as “The Slave of Monitors”, denoting his ability to control people through screens like television, following what is shown in the trailer. In this way, one can understand and expect that anyone who is watching television during its broadcast will be hypnotized. Thus, by interrupting the television broadcast, he will not only announce his plan but will already put it into practice, mesmerizing viewers. Supposedly.

Thus, if the screens are really necessary for him to be able to hypnotize people, The Hypnotist may not even be a Super, repeating the formula of the first film, whose villain Syndrome used technology to acquire his powers. However, none of this can still be confirmed only with the trailer and further information about the Hypnotist has not yet been revealed by Disney or Pixar, probably leaving the answer only for June 14, so as not to spoil possible surprises that the film is hiding. . We don’t even know the gender of the character, as it is not clear from the trailer whether it is a man or a woman. Never know.

Watch the latest trailer below:

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