The Incredibles 2 first impressions are very good

Charlie Cox talks about clashes between Matt Murdock and Elektra

The Incredibles 2 had its world premiere and American critics are already sharing their first impressions. Take the opportunity to check some opinions:

“It’s an exciting set of fun. The action scenes are tasty, impressive, never overdone. There is plenty for kids and adults to be distressed and to have some laughs too. The design, audio and visual really make it very pop. A sequence worthy of an act difficult to follow “

“I just left ‘The Incredibles 2’. It improves pretty much everything on the original. Its visual style is impressive to see, the characters are fantastic and the adventure is a blast. There is a little predictability in the story, but I was so involved on this tour “

“It’s a delicious movie! The dynamic among the family is brilliant once again, but the big surprise is for Zé-Zé, a scene stealer. And the soundtrack! Another A + work by Michael Giacchino that I will need to have for myself”

“It’s a useful continuation, a fun adventure, but not on the same level as the original. Zé-Zé and Edna steal the show (please tell me that they are making a short film with Edna taking care of Zé-Zé). production, plus a great soundtrack by Michael Giacchino “

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By Milena Costa