The Incredibles 2 director talks about the delay to make the sequel

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It took 14 years for the sequel to The Incredibles to be done, and director Brad Bird talked about the reason for the delay and its relationship with the films.

“Look, a lot of sequences exist just like slot machines. And there is a saying within this business that I can’t stand, which is: ‘You don’t make a sequel, you make money’. My god, you know, money isn’t what makes me wake up every morning. Doing something that people will still enjoy 100 years from now is what really excites me. So, if the motive was money, we wouldn’t have taken 14 years. It makes no financial sense to wait that long. It’s very clear that we had a story we wanted to tell this time, ”said Bird.

“Everyone’s favorite superhero family is back in The Incredibles 2 – but this time, Helena is taking the spotlight, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Arrow to lead the heroic day-to-day life” normal “. It’s a difficult transition for everyone, which is further complicated by the fact that the family still doesn’t know about Zezé’s superpowers. When a new villain outlines a dangerous and brilliant plan, the family and Ice Cream will need to find a way to work together again – which is easier said than done, even though they are all so amazing. “

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By Milena Costa