The Incredibles 2 director says: ‘It’s not a children’s movie’

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The director and screenwriter of The Incredibles 2, Brad Bird, countered the criticism left by some parents on Twitter who complained about the use of profanity in the film, pointing out that it is not the appropriate language for a production aimed at children.

Follow the conversation:

Spectator 1: “I loved The Incredibles 2, but seriously, @ BradBirdA113, why are the words cursing? I don’t support that idea. That was the only disappointing thing in the film. I just think it’s not appropriate and it should have been filtered for a children’s movie. # OsIncríveis2 # LetChildrenBeBeingChildren “Brad Bird:” With all due respect, this is NOT a “children’s movie”. It’s an animation rated PG *. “

* PG: Parental guidance suggested. Films in which it is recommended that parents watch with their children because it contains material that may not be suitable for children.

Spectator 2: “I didn’t notice cursing, but I was disappointed that the movie wasn’t suitable for children. Lots of dialog and explanations. My 4 year old daughter was barely able to watch from boredom, after having loved watching the first movie just a week before.”
Brad Bird: “She’s FOUR YEARS. Presumably, she watched the first one at home, where she could run, do other things, etc. You are really asking me to write in order to suit your 4 year old’s attention span. Do you judge the Marvel or Lucasfilm films by 2.5 hours in the same way? “

Thus, Brad Bird confirms what was already expected: who asked for the continuation of The Incredibles 2 were the adults who, at the time of the first release, were children and adolescents. The film was produced for this specific audience and not for children of the new generation.

The Incredibles 2 is already showing in Brazilian cinemas. Review the trailer below:

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